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//Karma bank
$Definition['Karma Balance'] = '爱心币简报';
$Definition['Starting'] = '初始';
$Definition['Balance'] = '币值';
$Definition['KARMA BANK'] = '爱心银行';
$Definition['You do not have any Karma yet.'] = '你还没有获得任何爱心币';
$Definition['%s\'s Karma Balance'] = '%s的爱心币简报';
$Definition['« Back to Profile'] = '« 回到个人资料页面';
$Definition['Transaction'] = '明细';
$Definition['Date'] = '日期';
$Definition['Reward / Tax'] = '奖励 / 税负';
$Definition['Karma'] = '爱心币';
$Definition['%01.2f Karma'] = '%01.2f 爱心币';

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